Handwriting Fonts: Why Not?

I’m reworking the “theme” of this blog (though given that it’s for my personal use and is so severely customized it probably can’t be used anywhere else, one can hardly call it a real WordPress theme) and have decided to use handwriting fonts for the comments section. Yup, as long as it’s a user comment, it will be shown in handwriting font.

If it had been my company’s blog, I’ll never have suggested that idea. Handwriting fonts? How legible can these fonts possibly be compared to the standard serif and sans-serif fonts? What about non-native users of English? Isn’t that going to make things more difficult for them? Don’t you think about the user experience?

Then again, this is my personal blog, and there’s absolutely no commercial implications resulting from any creative decision. If you can’t make bold decisions on your personal sites, where else can you make them? Obviously, there’s always a good chance of experiments going right and becoming part of my repertoire. No risk, no gain.

For this particular experiment, I’m quite happy with the results so far. Given the concept behind the blog design, it makes sense to make use of handwriting fonts to capture the feel of gallery visitors actually leaving their hand written remarks behind, possibly on a guestbook. I’m have also sort of randomized the style of comments on top of using handwriting fonts, to make them more “real”. Given that this is an experiment and not quite the norm, I won’t be surprised if visitors to my blog get turned off and click away. Then again, I’m sure there will be others who adore the idea. You can’t please everyone, and I’m not about to try.

So until I actually finish the theme, here’s a screenshot of the comments section, using handwriting fonts:

Screenshot of the Future Comments Page of This Blog, Using Handwriting Fonts
Screenshot of the Future Comments Page of This Blog, Using Handwriting Fonts

Pretty cool, right? No? Whatever.