Galleria 1.0 Goes Live


Screenshot of Galleria 1.0, superimposed on an illustrated Macbook Air

Today the blog theme I’ve been working on for months goes live.

“Working on for months” makes it sound like a big deal, but it’s not—I was only spending about half a day each weekend to work on it over this period of time. So say it took 7 months in all. That would roughly translate into 7 months x 4 weeks x 4 hours = 112 hours, or 14 full working days. That’s not a lot, really.

In any case, as the title suggests, this is only a first version. The first thing you’ll notice on this blog is that there are no links to the different categories. I’m still conceptualizing the categories pages right now, so I’m excluding them from this version.

Next thing you’ll probably find is that there is no “About” page—nothing on this blog right now tells you a grand/concise history of who I am, or what the blog is about. Except maybe this post, which still doesn’t count as an About page.

Finally, the last obvious missing piece is the 404 page. If you’ve landed on a non-existing page on this blog, at this point you’ll get a pretty horrible looking page with the default WordPress 404 text, and I apologize if you’re unfortunate enough to stumble on it.

All these are obviously work in progress, and believe me, I have a whole list of should-haves and must-dos for the design. Working hard to get them done soon, so until then please bear with this first version. Nonetheless, Galleria 1.0 is a close enough materialization of the design concept, and should offer some insights into my repertoire as a web designer. Hope you like it.