Copy-and-paste Design.

I’ve seen so many cases in my field of work whereby people want a certain feature—say an Ajax loader—and the first thing they do is to google, pluck something that’s free out there, occasionally customize the colors, apply it on their own website, and call it done.

We’ve all heard of copy-paste programming, but copy-paste designing is pretty darn common these days as well. Now I’m not saying copying tried and tested design ideas is bad. I’m saying that as long as you have a website or a product, it deserves its own look and branding. Throwing any old loader on your site isn’t necessarily going to make it look worse, but it ain’t exactly enhancing things either. At the very least, without some rigorous efforts in customizing and testing the copied component so that it becomes a seamless part of your website, it ain’t gonna help your website and its branding. In fact, one might argue that any part of a product that isn’t congruous with the rest is going to bring down the overall standard of the product.

Unless, of course, your entire website is a bought template anyways—in which case, well, I rest my case.