Is a Blender More Important than a Vase?

I hope it’s obvious that the comparison per se is nonsensical to begin with.

Busking, Traditional Arts, and the Digital Future.

Decades down the road, will any of us still bother to stop and watch a live performance? Or will we all be stuck permanently to our devices?

Traffic? What Traffic?

Food for though: how about driving “traffic” away from our content?

AMPs, PWAs, and Web Manafacturing.

Web content can and must be more diverse, otherwise it will soon become a digital ocean of fast food content, fast, familiar, but intellectually unstimulating and creatively stifling.

Small, Flawed, Wonderful.

So I read in a book that in some circles/places, there exists the idea that visiting huge art fairs is superior to visiting small, independent galleries. What a strange thought, no? In essence, that is a statement that stems from the idea that “bigger is better”. Personally, that is something I don’t agree with. Yes, […]