The Frontend Split.

About a year ago, I wrote a post about how frontenders often find themselves with an identity crisis—the identities in question being web designers versus frontend developers. But recently, more and more I realize there’s another genre of frontend developers who are more engineers than designers and who likely have an identity crisis of their […]

The Strange Case of Code Writing.

Recently, I got to read and work on the code of a project I was assigned to take over. And when I looked at the code, I was thoroughly confused. This confusion is in part due to the complicated structure and the fact that I wasn’t quite familiar with React and Redux just yet. But […]

A Million Web Art.

In a previous post, I examined the position of the Web as a new medium for communication. The two characteristics I highlighted as being unique to the Web are its hyperlinking capability and fluidity of form. Armed with this knowledge, I’d like to imagine how the Web as a medium might be used for the […]

Examining the Web as a Medium.

The Web is both the sum of the infrastructure supporting it and its public face, the webpage or the web app. In this post, I’ll examine the position of the Web as a medium of communication through the webpage, and determine what it is that makes it different from other media before it. First, The […]

Paterson and the Poetry of Everyday.

  I don’t own this image of course—image courtesy of IMP Awards (Warning: spoilers ahead. Only read after you’ve watched Paterson the 2016 movie.) I just had the pleasure of watching Paterson, a movie that centers its plot around the daily life of a man called Paterson, who also happens to live in Paterson. When […]