Emacs and I: A 10th Anniversary Post

Have I mentioned how I swear by Emacs when it comes to web development/design? Dubbed “the editor of a lifetime”, Emacs has been around for over 40 years now and is the default editor of many experienced coders. That, in fact, was the reason I decided to give Emacs a shot to begin with. In […]

Copy-and-paste Design.

I’ve seen so many cases in my field of work whereby people want a certain feature—say an Ajax loader—and the first thing they do is to google, pluck something that’s free out there, occasionally customize the colors, apply it on their own website, and call it done. We’ve all heard of copy-paste programming, but copy-paste designing […]

A Tale of Two Museums.

In a recent trip to Luzern, I had the chance to visit two museums—the Museum Sammlung Rosengart Luzern—and the Kunstmuseum Luzern. Frankly speaking, I was pretty torn between the two museums in the beginning. It being my first time in Luzern (and Switzerland, in fact), I wanted to limit my museum visit to just one […]

Designing Fictions, Part 3: Designing in the Browser

(This is the third part to my process of designing my Fictions homepage. Here’s the first and second part, in case you haven’t and want to read them first.) When it comes to web design, there are those who find the concept of designing in the browser unthinkable, those who think we should be deciding […]

Picasso, and the Courage to Fail.

Le Mystère Picasso (The Picasso Mystery) is a feature film length documentary that documents Picasso’s painting process. The unconventional presentation and surprisingly engaging “plot” aside, there’s one thing that really captured my attention: Picasso’s willingness to fail. In more than one instance, we can see Picasso starting off with a rough idea, then slowly fleshing it […]