.no-js Happens. Seriously.

I was one of those guys who did not really believe in the need for a .no-js class. After all, this is not the 90s anymore. Who browses the Web without Javascript these days?

So one day, I was on this horribly packed train and decided to take a look at my fictions homepage. And guess what? Because of the sheer number of people tapping to the network at the same time, the Javascript files failed to load, for like half a minute. And thanks to the fact that I do follow best practices in development, the page looked just fine, exactly the way it would have looked if a user disables Javascript on her browser. Only after a while, when it finally loaded Modernizr, did my page resume the way it should look with Javascript. Holy shit. Imagine if I didn’t write CSS that caters to the no-js scenario. My homepage would have looked like crap. Or, worse, given the user the impression that it’s working just fine when things broke without Javascript.

So now I’m a believer. Never assume the user has Javascript.