Is a Blender More Important than a Vase?

Websites are becoming more sophisticated and advanced in functionality by the day. That is totally fine, and likely a good thing, except I’ve noticed that many of our industry professionals are beginning to undermine the importance of “static” websites, believing that websites that don’t provide some form of practical/advanced functionality (whether it be managing to-dos or finding physical amenities through maps) are inferior.

That’s ridiculous.

If we allow ourselves to accept that argument, should we then say that a blender is thereby superior to a vase, because it is a practical tool that helps us make juice, while a vase is purely decorative (together with the flower it houses)? I hope it’s obvious that this kind of comparison is quite pointless.

I accept that bias exists in this world, as it always will, but I’m really getting annoyed by the utilitarian thinking that pervades the industry, and invariably our society. Not everything has to be practical and measurable, people.