Experimenting with Better Content: A Prologue

Now that I’ve come up with my basic principles of what makes better content, it’s time to walk the talk.

It’s time to create.

But creating new content isn’t that simple. I have a couple of ideas running through my head now, but I need time for them to sink in. More importantly, my last post about making content entertaining is an important criteria that my current ideas lack. And right now, “playfulness” is a key word I’d like to associate my new work with; until an idea has this ingredient, I’m not going to start working on it.

Instead, what I’m going to do for the moment is to start exploring the form of Internet content. Rather than wait futilely for an idea to take shape, I’m going to pick one of my existing stories and take it apart. With it, I’m going to ask the following:

• What can I do to make it more engaging?
• What can I do to have it make the most of what the Internet has to offer as a medium?
• How can I challenge the user/reader in the process?

The focus of this exercise is not to change the content per se to make it better, since I don’t believe a finished story should ever be rewritten. The key here is to experiment with how Internet content can be drastically changed by altering its form and presentation. Even if the substance of a content stays the same, the form should be able to play a large part in making it better. At least that’s what believe, and I’m going to find out if my belief is justified.

Tomorrow I shall embark on this exercise. Looking forward to it.

(In case you’re skeptical over the importance of form, think about your favorite novel versus your favorite film. I’m sure they excel in very different ways.)