Starting to Hate the Industry.

Bad planning, boring reusable templates, disdain for originality. Need I say more?

The Next Stage.

In the next stage of the Web, people who are sick of fast food content will start craving for imagination and creativity, and that’s when the Web will start become interesting again.

Think Before You Design.

We all have this tendency to be so hung up on our tools and processes that we forget that what matters more than the execution is the thought behind it.

How Do You Become a Better Designer?

I’m not a full-time designer, in terms of the nature of my work, but from the notes from my last design project, here’s what I think I’ve learned can make myself a better designer: Record the minutes etc during every meeting and make sure you truly know what the client wants. Have detailed breakdown of […]

The Frontend Split.

About a year ago, I wrote a post about how frontenders often find themselves with an identity crisis—the identities in question being web designers versus frontend developers. But recently, more and more I realize there’s another genre of frontend developers who are more engineers than designers and who likely have an identity crisis of their […]