Galleria 1.0 Goes Live

  Today the blog theme I’ve been working on for months goes live. “Working on for months” makes it sound like a big deal, but it’s not—I was only spending about half a day each weekend to work on it over this period of time. So say it took 7 months in all. That would […]

That Morning… A Dream Derivative

Many of you, I’m sure, have had similar experiences: waking up from a dream that was so vivid and intriguing that after you woke up, the dream (or what remained of it) stays with you as part of your memories. So this day, many years ago, I had a strange dream about waking up in […]

Why This Blog?

I’ve made more than a few half-hearted attempts at writing and maintaining a blog, ever since the time when blogs were “in”. But I’ve never managed to sustain any of them, in large part because there was no real motivation behind. Indeed, as a professional in the tech industry, I have always found the web […]

So, Are We Compatible?

Finding the right company to work with, I realize, is often very similar to finding the right life partner. Frighteningly so, in fact. Parallels include the high hurdle of getting into a prestigious company compared with that of getting a popular person of the opposite sex; how cold calls to these companies usually don’t work […]

Copy-and-paste Design.

I’ve seen so many cases in my field of work whereby people want a certain feature—say an Ajax loader—and the first thing they do is to google, pluck something that’s free out there, occasionally customize the colors, apply it on their own website, and call it done. We’ve all heard of copy-paste programming, but copy-paste designing […]