Guidelines for Creating Better Internet Content

Since the last post that ended in my resolution to create better Internet content, I’ve been pondering over what defines better content. Earlier, I put forth a very simplistic definition of better content, namely content that is moving. Content that touches our hearts. Now, however, I think it’s an overly simplistic definition. In order for […]

What Does the Internet Mean to You?

A lot of things, I’m sure. Somewhere to find information about things you don’t know, perhaps. A place where you can connect with your friends and family through social networks, perhaps. Or maybe it’s where you find great deals, cheaper ways to get your goods and services. Or maybe it’s a tool you can use […]

What is a Portfolio?

What exactly is a portfolio, and how does that translate for people in different professions? That’s a question that has started weighing on my mind recently, ever since I started building my portfolio. A quick check online gave me this Wikipedia entry that is closest to the form of portfolio I’m interested in: “An artist’s […]

Galleria 1.0 Goes Live

  Today the blog theme I’ve been working on for months goes live. “Working on for months” makes it sound like a big deal, but it’s not—I was only spending about half a day each weekend to work on it over this period of time. So say it took 7 months in all. That would […]

That Morning… A Dream Derivative

Many of you, I’m sure, have had similar experiences: waking up from a dream that was so vivid and intriguing that after you woke up, the dream (or what remained of it) stays with you as part of your memories. So this day, many years ago, I had a strange dream about waking up in […]