Paterson and the Poetry of Everyday.

I don’t own this image of course—image courtesy of IMP Awards (Warning: spoilers ahead. Only read after you’ve watched Paterson the 2016 movie.) I just had the pleasure of watching Paterson, a movie that centers its plot around the daily life of a man called Paterson, who also happens to live in Paterson. When I […]

Ghost in the Shell, Superheroes, and the End Goal.

I was able to watch quite a number of films lately, ranging from Ghost in the Shell (2017), Logan, and John Wick 2 in the commercial films category to Unbearable Lightness of Being, Handmaiden, and Ghost in the Shell (1996) in the art-house/indie category. One thing that becomes obvious when you look at the above […]

Antonioni, Dead Space, and an Alternative Web.

Yesterday, I read a book on Michelangelo Antonioni which, with a number of essays, analyzed the unique craft of Antonioni as a film director. While I have not read each and every one of these essays, there are a couple of things in the essays that caught my attention, and which triggered me to touch […]

Experimenting with Better Content: Day 1

So I’ve decided earlier that I’m going to take a story of mine apart and see if I can do something about its form to make it more engaging. First, The Story. After careful consideration, here’s the story I’ve picked: The current state of the story, which can be found here I chose this story […]

Round 4: Let’s Make Art.

Strangely, I keep coming back to this conclusion. Yes, in the past few posts, I’ve thought about the need for better content; about what constitutes better content, and about the undeniable fact that better content doesn’t necessarily sell online, but that we should strive for better content nonetheless. But why art? Because good art comes […]