A Million Web Art.

In a previous post, I examined the position of the Web as a new medium for communication. The two characteristics I highlighted as being unique to the Web are its hyperlinking capability and fluidity of form. Armed with this knowledge, I’d like to imagine how the Web as a medium might be used for the […]

Paterson and the Poetry of Everyday.

  I don’t own this image of course—image courtesy of IMP Awards (Warning: spoilers ahead. Only read after you’ve watched Paterson the 2016 movie.) I just had the pleasure of watching Paterson, a movie that centers its plot around the daily life of a man called Paterson, who also happens to live in Paterson. When […]

Ghost in the Shell, Superheroes, and the End Goal.

I was able to watch quite a number of films lately, ranging from Ghost in the Shell (2017), Logan, and John Wick 2 in the commercial films category to Unbearable Lightness of Being, Handmaiden, and Ghost in the Shell (1996) in the art-house/indie category. One thing that becomes obvious when you look at the above […]

Antonioni, Dead Space, and an Alternative Web.

Yesterday, I read a book on Michelangelo Antonioni which, with a number of essays, analyzed the unique craft of Antonioni as a film director. While I have not read each and every one of these essays, there are a couple of things in the essays that caught my attention, and which triggered me to touch […]

Experimenting with Better Content: Day 1

So I’ve decided earlier that I’m going to take a story of mine apart and see if I can do something about its form to make it more engaging. First, The Story. After careful consideration, here’s the story I’ve picked: The current state of the story, which can be found here I chose this story […]