Sharing My HTML Slides

In an earlier post, I mentioned I was developing some HTML-based slides for a knowledge sharing session for my colleagues. Now that I’m done with it, I thought I would share the link to the presentation. The name of the session is “Semantics of HTML”, and it was primarily a presentation preaching the correct use … Continue reading “Sharing My HTML Slides”

The Worst Museum Experience Ever?

This other day, I made a trip to the museum. And it was positively the worst museum experience I’ve ever had. I won’t name names, because that’s besides the point (if I want to bitch against a specific museum, I’ll be posting on Tripadvisor). In any case, it’s one of those newly opened museums that’s … Continue reading “The Worst Museum Experience Ever?”

Emacs Feature Show Off: Rainbow Mode

There are a few ways of describing colors in web design – from using the 140 HTML color names modern browsers support like AliceBlue and GhostWhite, to HEX values such as #FFFFFF and #000000, to RGBA and HSLA. THe trouble with coding colors in regular editors, though, is that you usually don’t know which code … Continue reading “Emacs Feature Show Off: Rainbow Mode”