Experimenting with Better Content: A Prologue

Now that I’ve come up with my basic principles of what makes better content, it’s time to walk the talk. It’s time to create. But creating new content isn’t that simple. I have a couple of ideas running through my head now, but I need time for them to sink in. More importantly, my last … Continue reading “Experimenting with Better Content: A Prologue”

Good Content Entertains.

The last few posts seem to suggest I know something about what is better content for the Internet. Or that I think current content is all bad, and I’m above them all. Not at all. I don’t really know what’s supposed to be good content for the Internet. That’s precisely why I was writing about … Continue reading “Good Content Entertains.”

Round 4: Let’s Make Art.

Strangely, I keep coming back to this conclusion. Yes, in the past few posts, I’ve thought about the need for better content; about what constitutes better content, and about the undeniable fact that better content doesn’t necessarily sell online, but that we should strive for better content nonetheless. But why art? Because good art comes … Continue reading “Round 4: Let’s Make Art.”

Better Internet Content, Part 3 (Or, Does Original Internet Content Sell?)

Question: does good, original Internet content sell? Maybe not. Some of the bigger names on the Internet these days: Facebook, Twitter, Google. Microsoft. Uber, Airbnb, Spotify, Netflix. And what’s the one common thing among all of them? They provide tools for people to use, instead of creating original content. Even Netflix, which boasts of some … Continue reading “Better Internet Content, Part 3 (Or, Does Original Internet Content Sell?)”