Antonioni, Dead Space, and an Alternative Web.

Yesterday, I read a book on Michelangelo Antonioni which, with a number of essays, analyzed the unique craft of Antonioni as a film director. While I have not read each and every one of these essays, choosing in particular to skip those that cover films I have yet to watched, there are a couple of … Continue reading “Antonioni, Dead Space, and an Alternative Web.”

How are You Using Twitter?

I’ve been using Twitter for a while now. When I first joined Twitter, I wanted to find out how to make the best use of it, so I read a number of articles online that dished out advice on how to use Twitter correctly. Among the things they taught were: Engage in conversations Don’t talk … Continue reading “How are You Using Twitter?”

Experimenting with Better Content: A Hiatus

This is the (non) follow-up to the earlier post, whereby I embarked on the exercise to make use of web technologies to enhance the form of content (in this case a short story by myself), and thereby, in a way, make it better. And I did work on it, for a few days after work. … Continue reading “Experimenting with Better Content: A Hiatus”

Experimenting with Better Content: Day 1

So I’ve decided earlier that I’m going to take a story of mine apart and see if I can do something about its form to make it more engaging. First, The Story. After careful consideration, here’s the story I’ve picked: The current state of the story, which can be found here I chose this story … Continue reading “Experimenting with Better Content: Day 1”